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The Miami Beach Guide – Where Neon Goes To Die

But more than anything, Miami is the perfect spot to get a suntan for the beach bums. If you are visiting Miami, it’s important that you know its beaches. So, here’s your friendly city tour by Florida Guru.

The Party Hub And The Quieter Spot - South Beach and North Beach

South Beach (SoBe) does not need any introduction. SoBe is the beach that instantly comes to your mind when you visualise glamorous spring break parties. So, it should be your clear-cut choice if you are in the ‘young, wild and free’ mode.

Although, if you are looking for a quiet stroll or to just soak up in the sun, then let us tell you that beaches in the north have a quieter impression. The northern stretch includes a band shell, a community centre and an adjacent park. However, both north and south beaches have great options to eat, drink, relax or just play beach volleyball.

The Photo Shoot Paradise - South Pointe Park and North Shore Open Space Park

South Pointe Park is quite famous for photo shoots. So, it’s a pure bliss to click pictures here and uncover your inner beach model. It also offers clear water sight, modern art sculptures and picturesque scenes of cruise ships sailing past it. If you are here with kids, then you can also enjoy a well-maintained park and a small water park for kids.

In case, you are looking for crowd-free green spaces, then North Shore Open Space Park is a really good option. Beautiful walking trails on the sand will positively uplift your mood while you are here.

The Sandy Bliss - Oleta and Sunny Isles Beach

The sandy beach at Oleta is a lovely beach surrounded with lots of palm trees and sea grape trees that blissfully act as shades. From fishing and swimming to kayaking and canoeing, there are several activities to entertain solo travellers, couples and families.

Another sandy beach, Sunny Isles Beach has a two-mile long white sand beach. It has clear water which is perfect for snorkelling and diving. Also, don’t miss out on the famous Newport Fishing Pier while you are here.

The Dreamy Beach Walk Glory - Surfside Beach and Virginia Key Beach

Surfside Beach is the ideal beach for a long beach walk as it offers an uninterrupted mile-long sandy stretch. The contiguous natural splendour and on-point hygiene is a huge plus for this beach.

On the other hand, Virginia Key Beach offers the best view of the downtown Miami skyline and Brickell Avenue. You can click amazing pictures and also enjoy windsurfing and seaplane rides here.

In a nutshell, Miami definitely has a high glamour quotient. But with or without parties, Miami is always happening. With around 60 languages being spoken in the city and being a melting pot of 150 ethnicities, the city still welcomes its visitors with a slight wink and a drink in her hand.

So, pack your beach dresses, sunscreen and cool sunglasses, and book flights to Miami with us here because holidays to Miami are always a good idea.

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